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OFF We Go Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here it is October 24, and in two days we're off to Grand Forks for the weekend again (last one)before the snow flys, we're taking Kath's sister Judy with us to shop.

You know, it's real easy to convert airmiles to priority points, converted a bunch and booked the executive suite at the Holiday Inn Express for the weekend :) I got some new tires for the front of the car here so don't need to look for them there, just have a great time (yah hoo) ;)

Halloween is almost here, then Christmas, and then the Cruise.....can't wait :)

Sound like a kid in a candy store don't I?


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Hopefully it's a candy store filled with Chocolate. If'd have a bunch of us there with you :party: Hope you have a great and safe weekend...will look forward to the fun report.

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hey Stu:


can I come along for fun ride, you are going to have great time in cruise have great weekend & share some of those candies with me.




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