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life's little bumps



Just got back on the air again. No, it wasn't my computer this time, it was my phone line. Someone dug up the cable and we went off the air for four days. Another of the little bumps on my way to Peaceful Street.


This has been one of those muddled weeks as all my planned working on the house etc went haywire. It is as if some gremlins crept in and re-arranged life again. None of the people I had lined up could do any work for at least another couple of weeks. I guess this is down to the storms we had in June and the continuing clean-up from that. No tradesmen have had to look for work since. My neighbour is still waiting for his front fence to be repaired.


We still have the funeral to go to. My daughter's father-in-law Don, died on Thurday of last week. He had not been to the doctor for almost twelve months, had no history of heart disease ( he was as fit as a mallee bull) and dropped dead of a massive heart attack. His doctor was also away so an autopsy was ordered and that of course delayed everything. The funeral will now be held on Friday 16th at 1pm. We will drive up on Thursday, spent some time with our daughter and her family, then attend the funeral on Friday, stay another night and come home. It is four hours drive north of here.


Unfortunately it overlaps with another event. I took this time to have a break from Ray as I have a women's weekend starting on Friday 16th at 2pm. Yes, 2pm. So I will miss most of it. It was the highlight of last year and I have so been looking forward to it. The women of our stroke suport group get together for three days and have a ball. Now I will miss most of the weekend. I am so upset that these two events clashed. For once I was looking forward to something that would have been a real treat for me.


I feel as if I am making a fuss over nothing here. I...I...I...I know, I am supposed to be the unselfish caregiver, the family stalward, the good citizen, the good friend, the good companion. Somewhere in all of that there is room to build up a mighty head of resentment and at times like this when I see something I want to do slipping out of my grasp I want to sream "WHAT ABOUT ME AND MY PLANS?" It all seems so futile sometimes.


Apart from that I did rout some of the dustbunnies, brought down the cobwebs, re-arranged the furniture into a better position for summer. I didn't clean the paintwork out on the verandah, get a quote for the pergola, rub down the summer furniture. I doubt if any of that will get done between now and Christmas.


BUT I will get to see my Cairns family again, will get to see the little ones playing together. The two grandchildren from Cairns will get to see Oliver who of course was born after they were here in June. The little ones have had to live with the death of their beloved Poppy since last weekend so they should be ready to have some fun with Tori and Alex. I guess Oliver will still be oblivious to it all, he is ony twelve weeks old after all.


Ray was a little sad when I told him that Don had died. But I don't think he is able to hold on to emotions now and soon resumed watching the waitress pouring the teas and coffees and looking around at what the other people were doing. I guess of the two of us his is the more peaceful life.


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I suppose the old saying "The best laid plans...." applies to you. It figures that the 2 events would overlap. Bet you wish you could be like Samantha from an old US show Bewitched and just wiggle your nose and you could have everything done and attend all. But alas, we cannot do that - if you could find a way to do it, you would be a very wealthy woman :wink:


You will make the most of the situation, have complete faith in you. Although the circumstances will be sad, you will get to see your grandchildren.

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I'm sorry Sue you won't get to enjoy the Women's Weekend the way you want to. If we can just wave a wand like Harry Potter does and split ourselves in two or three and attend all overlapping events and get things done all at once. Be at two places at the same time or as many places that need be.If we can all be Harry Potters' or Samantha Stevens from the Bewitched TV series that Donna mentioned.Things do happen, sometimes at the most inconvenient times but we do the best as we can and hande situations the best to our ability. You, Sue, are a foce to be reckon with. A woman of great strength and great love...If we could just wave our wands or wiggle our noses and make copies of you Sue...you are worth your weight in gold. But the silver lining in this cloud is that you get o see and spend time with your Cairns family. I wish you peace Sue.

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I just had a phone call from the event co-ordinator for the womens weekend. If I can get there by 2pm on Saturday she will put my name last on the massage list....yeah!!


All packed for tomorrow's trip with another bag to switch to for Saturday night. It is not the relaxing days I wanted but I am sure it will turn out okay.


And I AM looking forward to seeing the grandchildren.


Thanks for the encouragement, love and hugs from Sue.

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Oh Sue, I am so glad things seem to work out for you. You really do need this weekend. I am so glad you can do both. You need to recharge your energy so you can go on and do all the things you do everyday. I don't think Caregivers take enough time for themselves. I know I didn't when I was in that position and look where it put me! Caregivers think there is just so much that has to be done and somehow you all get it done. I cannot stress enough that Caregivers are not being selfish when they take time out for themselves. Its a MUST. Take Care. LK
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