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Gotta get a trout stamp and fishing liscense



Hubby and I own a moble home located on a small river in upper NE Iowa. This river is a canoe river and has bass in it. We'll be going there this weekend. Weather promises to be terrific...upper 60's and low 70's smile.gif

Since Hubby loves to trout fish I must go purchase a trout stamp and fishing liscense so I can go with him to the trout streams(the DNR stocks trout in these streams)... He promises to put the worm on my hook... He plans to use an artificial lure. I guess I get to sit in a chair.

Whatever we'll be doing, it's gonna be fun outside in the spring air and with my hubby. I'll report back how many trout are caught and how good they tasted. I should ask Chef Denny for a recipe for trout.

Funtime ahead!


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Hi Janice:


Just wanted to share my 'fish story.' I'm sure you'll enjoy it, just don't fall off your chair.


When I was a little boy, my dad 'made' a fishing rod for me. Hey, I was 11 years old and my dad could make anything. Anyways, he made it from a tree branch, about four foot long, and some string (not sure what type) and he tied a fishing hook on the end.


I was fishing below a small dam and I had a 'bite'. I 'yanked' on the 'rod' and the fish landed on the stream bank. it 'flopped' about three times on the grass, back in the water, and away it swam. DRATS !!!!!! It was close to 12-inches long.


So, that was the one that 'got away' and I'm sticking to my story roflmao.gif


I found a recipe, but you will have to look under my blogs. I didn't want to 'post' it twice. Hope you understand, and happy fishin'.

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i am so envious that you live on the river. it has always been my dream to live on the river. i have had a fishing and boating license for YEARS but have never done either. last time i fished was in a father-son( they didn't have father-daughter back then, so i had to be a boy) tournament in 1980. i still dream about the peaceful water and the fresh air!!!!

i hope you have a great time!!!


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