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Jerry's 50th Birthday - I couldn't do it without y



Ok - the house still isn't in perfect shape but, the party has grown to be really big- 70 people are expected.!


Tomorrow night we'll go to JT Whitneys to taste the beer and try the hor derves I plan to serve. I ordered some HOWW beer mug's (howwmfg.com - I think) that say "I survived Jerry's 50th" to give to everyone. The decorations are taken care of, I even bought a life size stand up of James Dean, to point the way to the party room.


One of our friends, who's a comedian in LA, has done a video for Jerry. Tom Clark (tomclark.com) walked up to people in the streets and asked them to sing Happy Birthday To Jerry on videotape - he's got a street gang singing harmony, some old ladies, and even a guy who sings opera professionally to sing on this tape! It's so funny!


I'm feeling better about this every moment - I know we'll have too much food and way too much liquor - but, it will be worth it. So - for Christmas Jerry won't get a present -and I've spent the household budget for "extra's" for the whole year!


And they thought I couldn't throw a party! Screw the relatives! I'm still waiting for the invitations my sister in law was going to send! They were going to do it all - lol


I'm throwing the best party they'll ever see, and I appreciate my friend's help and advice here. I wish you all could come because, I couldn't do it without you!


Thank you all!





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Ummmmmm, I'm going too. Cinder is swinging by and picking me up, I don't need a mug though( just another thing to dust) I am sitting at the head table, right? Right next to the birthday boy?


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Pam - your the official Beer Taster - and YOU are the party - there are 11 beers for you to taste before they pour pitchers! Cinder - Your job will be making sure the comedians don't get too drunk! If they do you have to pour them into the van that will take them back to the hotel - lol


And I'm sending you both mugs - email me your addresses.


I couldn't do this without you!

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