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Kyle is now officially in rehab....




Hi Readers


Well today was moving day for Kyle. He was officially moved down to the Rehab Unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. (Unit Seven)


I got to meet Mr. Kyle this evening and his dad and mom. He has been moved into my old room and it sure seemed a bit strange to be a visitor there now after almost six years.


Of course we compared notes and Kyle showed off the various movements that he can do now. His dad says that he has been having trouble sleeping so they are giving him meds for that. I hope that he gets his sleep because from my experience they will be keeping him busy in therapy during the days.

Asha wanted me to take some pictures so I got one of Kyle and his dad and also one of Kyle and me. Click here to go to my Flicker site where I have uploaded them.


There were no posts from the J Room today as I am sure that mama J had a very busy day. Oh yes and thank you mama J for the coffee. I get to buy next time.


As a side bar I also found another stroke buddy (John Mongomery) across the hall from Kyle's room. They have found that John has a rare condition that has caused blood clots resulting in two separate strokes. (the last in Feb 08) John's caregiver wife Bev has been by his side all of the way and continues to care for John even though he has been hospitalized since February. I introduced the Jay's to the Montgomery's and I am sure that they will be there for each other as the recovery continues for both of our buddies.


Kyle's dad told me that Kate Adamson had been in contact with Kyle. So thank you Katie the Jay family do really appreciate the encouragement, experience and understanding from yourself and other locked in survivors such as Dr. Shawn Jennings who was able to visit Kyle. (both members of The Stroke Network)


Thanks everyone!


I will post again as Mama J brings us more news from the J Room.


Smiles :)





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thank you for the update and the pics of kyle! it's nice to know he's settling in and working on recovery. I commend you for reaching out and offering support to others who have been affected by stroke!
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Hi Gary


Thank you for letting us see the terrific pics . Wonderful news that Kyle's officially been transferred to the Rehab Unit - now the real workout will take place.


Best wishes as well to your friend, John.

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Hi Ladies


Thanks for your comments. It was great to get to visit with Kyle yesterday.


I just checked for posts from the J Room and didn't find any.


I am hoping that that is a good sign.


I imagine with getting into the new routines and being tested and so on the Jay family will be kept quite busy this week.


There is also a meeting coming up on Friday that Garth and Darlene are doing research and preparation for.


So we may or may not get much this week. I will keep monitoring and post any news that mama J posts from the J Room.


Smiles :)




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