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Home Health Care



I am scheduled to see a home health care provider in the morning for assessment of my case as I think I am approved for 2 or 3 days a week. I think their services cost far less than regular therapy sessions which seem to be in the thousands for a month of visits, about 8 sessions or 2 a week.


I think they charge that much because of Medicare and your insurance pays without questions. So, I will see what home care charges for their two or three days a week. I think it's only 2 hours each day. Since I need little help with items like cutting toe nails, a little cleaning of the areas I use but can't get on my knees to get it done they may be glad to have me as a patient I hope.


On the other hand over my 4 plus years I have learned that anything associated with stroke survivor is not cheap. I thought about a walk in tub/shower and the price was thru the roof. It's like they want to remodel your bathroom and charge you for it. I can't even take my own tub out let them install theirs and I finish the job. Oh no they can't do that.


I found out I can get the same walk in tub/shower from Direct Buy cash and carry to install myself at a fraction of the cost they quoted me. I'll just keep what I got now and make do as I have for almost 5 years.


If the home care doesn't work out I'll just keep going to the military gym on the base since I drive myself everywhere. The regular therapy people told me I was doing better than the people they were seeing so I should tell my PCP I don't need therapy, OT or PT, isn't that something to tell a patient looking for therapy?


I would think every person needing home care doesn't have to be totally unable to care for themselves and I hope that is not the rule, but I will know tomorrow. Sometimes you just need someone to work with you even on your exercises and stretching your arm and leg.


Defeat is not the worst failures. Not to have tried is the true failure in my mind. I feel I still need a little help to get better and better in my walking and doing things for myself. My left arm/hand is getting harder and harder for me to use it.


:bouncing_off_wall: :happydance:


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Fred, anything is worth a try. Are there any trainers at the military gym who might be willing to work with you on simple gentle exercises? there must be a lot of ex-miltary personnel like you who have had strokes or are dealing with arthritus who would benefit from a series of gentle exercises. There is also water therapy as some people on here like Marty do. Ray has a booklet of exercises, standing and sitting and the shower nurse works with him on those.


It is hard to know what the requirement is for some assistance. I know here there are waiting lists for everything you need to get assistance with. Nuisance eh?



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Wish you the best of luck to get assistance. Between our strokes and getting older it is difficult at times.

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Sue, All the helpers are helping the returnees from the war with lost legs and arms. There is not much room for us with strokes and arthritis. It's mostly self help. The pool does have life guards but you operate the machines by yourself at the post gym.



The lady showed up late her car wouldn't start she went to the wrong house and it stalled. Had to call her husband to get it started so we will meet Tuesday at 11 am.

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Well, I got home health care for 2 hours a day for 3 days a week with no ending date set. So I assume it goes on for as long as I need it. Don't know yet when it will begin nor who it will be coming to see after me. She said it could be man or woman.

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Wonderful news Fred - Wish you the best of luck in it. Hope too the person is dependable and reliable and is able to assist you.

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