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Monday nigh football.



I've got to add a quick blog, ms. is going to the post office and I are driving... hee haw.


Actually I want to drive, she's tired and I have a lot of paying back, she was the caregiver and was there every day, she found strength in what she was suddenly faced with, if she had not taken me to the hospital that fateful July day, I reckon that I would not be typing this. Ain't no big thing, don't get hung up on being a little old species of animal. Today was a good day to die just as tomorrow will be a good day to die.


I like to cry, I feel better afterwards, the last time I really cried, usually, a daily things is to feel bad for someone and the tear ducts start but then subside, but I really cried one day, I don't know how longs it's been, maybe a few months.


I thought of two things, my mother who had died of a stroke in a nursing home, I had no idea until someone asked me as part of hospital procedure if either parent has a stroke, I couldn't answer. Found out from a sister in Florida, she won't email me because I appear to her to be an atheist and to me she is a religious freak, freaked out man.


Yeah, I guess that if lost souls yakked at a kid about burning for all of eternity for not behaving according of the Lard and His rules. The Lard will get you, cook you for ever, that's... that is warping the brain of a little kid and how many little kids were given warped brains by parents who were, basically lost, not a clue.


That's why I love science, good old science, no BS, just good stuff. Maybe one day my sister will talk with me but I ain't holding my breath, I will meet up with her once I depart my body, dump my flesh, sack the (bleep).


It will be a glorious day when I say to my flesh, my cloak... flesh depart!, get out of here, here?


No flesh is good flesh, what kind of animal are we, what species... why I am a human.. gotta go, no time to edit, yipes..


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