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Depression is normal for every thinking person, If depression was not normal it would mean that we live in a really good world, organized, fun, exciting, logical, peaceful for all. Even our pets are depressed, in many ways they have it worse, how would you like to wear a collar, how would you like to be in a small tank swimming in old water, how would you like to be in a cage, staring into a dirty mirror at yourself year after year? Depression is normal, be happy if you are depressed, that means that you think, that you want to see change, that you care about others.


I'm depressed always but it's okay, screw those who want to take my depression away with a pill, a chemical, no thank you please. If you really want to take my depression away, let's have world peace, let's recycle all the automobiles, tear up the concrete and plant flowers or water and watch flowers grow. Let's have a co-op world, everyone working together to tend the space ship earth.


I love depression, one of the things that helps in my daily depression is that I don't take pills, I allow mother nature as found in my DNA's to replicate and they do quite well. I feed my body with good building material, ...err I screw up occasionally, can you say donut or other worthless junk food that finds us from time to time?


At least my depression is real, I love real things.


My body has healed good and fast, very fast, eat fish, beans+brown rice, veggies, fruit, chicken and don't eat a lot. If you are obese then you have even more of a reason for depression. The best way to lose weight is to limit what you intake. You have to figure how much you burn off in a ordinary day then don't eat any more than that. Let your exercise be work, good old fashioned work.


I saw a guy with an assembly of bar bells and other weight lifting equipment work for a month, burned a lot of calories up, got big muscles, in that same time and effort, he could have done so much in the real world.


Peace on Earth, all men are brothers,




P.S. to be fair all girls are sisters, we are a family, we are a rather dumb family, we know from wence not we came and whereto we go but I have a clue, think positive.





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what a DIFFERENT way of looking at depression. i guess if we can't feel, then we are'nt thinking. i too have often thought of the time people waste mindlessly running in circles around a track for exercise, or walking on a treadmill going nowhere, when they COULD be expending that energy cleaning up their yards, or planting a garden.


about the animals, i can NOT go to a zoo. it's the most depressing thing in the world to see those wild creatures in captivity. i don't like the circus for the same reason, never have. i didn't like it as a child and SURE don't like it as an adult.


remember that twilight zone episode with roddy mcdowell where he was an astronaut that landed on another planet. the people there fixed him up with an exact replica of his home on earth. THEN, locked him in and when the curtain opened he was actually behind bars with the whole town looking in?. the sign on the cage read " man from earth, in his natural habitat". i bet that's how the animals feel.


as for fatness. fatness was so RARE until the last 100 years because people had to WORK for their food. if we had to plant, nurture, and harvest our fruits and vegetables, and chase down a moose for our meat instead of driving to the store, no one would be fat. we are a lazy lot, we humans, for the most part.


thanks for another thought provoking entry.

kim wavey.gif

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Excuse me I am not religious, but oh my god, when I read your reply, I was shocked, I have been telling people for years that I do not nor can I go to a zoo. It's just too sad, it's horrible. Maybe if I took a bunch of pills I could go but you know me there, I don't take pills.


I live in New Orleans from 1962 to 1968, I lived at 303 Calhoun Street, corner of Tchoupitoulas, two blocks from the city park and zoo, near Tulane and Loyola Universities. I started smoking pot there, it was in 1967, first time I went to the zoo, I went to the giraffes cage, the feelings that ran between us, I went back one more time, there were quite a lot of people at the front of the giraffe cage, they were feeding it, I walked around to the rear area, the giraffe took a look in my direction and tore away and came straight to me. We agreed that the situation was too sad, for the giraffe and for me but at least I wan't in a small, out of environment cage like the giraffe.


After I had been out of the hospital a few weeks or months, I don't remember which, I was really depressed when jasmine saw me, she said for me to take a Zoloft that the hospital sent home with me. I sharply answered her that I don't use pills to handle depression, I use logic. I found the pills then got rid of them but only after going online and checking the side effects out. Again, oh my god, they are horrible, may cause sudden, unexpected death, no, it didn't say that exactly, just worded a bit different. Thank you Kim,



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Cosmic life is a continuum. We are but tiny specks on that continuum. If we view the world from the narrow little slits of just our own life spans, it

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Hi, we are life and during eternity we developed memory locations, without memory life would be quite different. Each form of life in the universe is related and equal, all life has the same importance, all life has the same potential.


In this day on our little planet, our sciences are still in their dark ages, in another 1000 years what we now know will be considered ancient history just as we consider blood letting ancient history.


If I were born on an intelligent planet where the inhabitants had it together, made peace with one another, everyone shares an equal piece, no jails, no prisons, no mental institutions, the normal state of being would be happy, it would be rare to find hard depression unless of course there was a chemical imbalance that could be corrected with as few side effects as possible. Our medical profession is striving for just such cures, I would suggest that before swallowing any pill or using any chemical, check the side effects that have been noted.


I would say that in this dimension depression is more the norm unless you pull the wool over your own eyes and keep it there. As a ordained minister of the SubGenius Church, you will pay us to tell you what you already know.


Peace and love,










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So does that mean that you'll be having a big party on xx-day, July 5th? biggrin.gif






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(ed sullivan voice), A very big party Jean, be there or be square.


Actually being an animal isn't the last word on memory, it can be many times slower than an aura of energy. Do you really want to be a human?


Peace 'n Love,



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Being human is exciting. I can use logic and move around, do things. I can be god-like in my ability to create something from nothing. I am a vessel that contains a unique aura of energy that travels through my body like river currents. It's my manu, prana, Qi, Ki, hucha or sami---pick your language/country to find a word you like to describe the vibrating energy field within the human body that some people claim to be able to see and others claim they can feel, if they hold their hands over you.


Being human is fun! When I die I'll go back to being ashes and become part of something else that may, or may not, be equally as good as being human. Why not enjoy the ride on earth instead of wasting time looking for something that isn't in the here and now? If the mother ship does comes this year 7/5/05, why would the asteroid goddesses pick up anyone in your church....if the human form is so displeasing? Maybe they'll fall in love with windmills or power plants.



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