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Let the Sun Shine In



gleam.gif Well Surprise surprise it


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i am SO glad that your lady friend sent you that card. i'm also glad that you are feeling better. what a treasure and testament to your life that so many people care for you. you have to be a special guy to receive the outpouring of love you described. i know i like you, it's hard not to!




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What a great entry, I'm glad you are doing so much better and now have a chance to enjoy this post stroke life, you've strived to accept.

I never gave up on you, I always knew you'd make it.


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I echo the comments up above. My husband's anti-depressant keeps him so good natured and happy that I'd hate to see him without it. Before his stroke he fought depression off and on his entire adult life. After he had his stroke, the social worker at the hospital---upon learning that Don was both a workaholic and fought depression---said men often try to 'self-medicate' depression by becoming workaholics. I've thought about that a lot and have to agree with that theory; it sure fit everything I know about my husband's way of dealing with stuff.


Keep working at being happy, Clark. Sound's like you've got a great support team in your life to help.



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