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Yoda is a nincompoop!




So...wide awake, in the middle of the night...again! It seems that no matter when I go to bed, 9 P.M., Midnight, 2 A.M., I always end up awake around 3 A.M.! I probably shouldn't get up, but after laying there bored out of my skull, I figure I gotta do something productive.


Anyhoo...here's my opinion on the subject of attempts and efforts in life.



"Do or do not. There is no try" - Yoda

I totally disagree. For example, climbing a mountain. If you go halfway up, that's trying! So you didn't succeed in making it completely to the top...but you also didn't stay on the bottom, either.

When the issue of effort and attempts is being discussed, and somebody states this quote, it sort of irks me...as if they're saying that working at something is futile and worthless if you're not totally successful.


I've always said "You never know, unless you try". Granted, you shouldn't be doing things that could be harmful physically, or detrimental emotionally/mentally. But you also shouldn't NOT try, if it's a reasonable goal.

Lots of people on this site are always asking about recovery. In my opinion, you should keep at working to regain back whatever you lost. Want to be able to pick up a spoon with your 'off' hand? Might as well set the goal!

Setting a goal with a time limit can be either good or bad. If you make the goal by the deadline, it's a wonderful ego and spirit booster. Though if you don't succeed - either on time, or with the results you wanted by that time - it can depress you. Again, though, my attitude is "slow and steady wins the race". Pick up a spoon within a month. Fine, set the goal... and if you don't make it, don't let it get you down. At least you spent that time trying, rather than never having bothered and probably always wondering if you could have done it.


Speaking of trying, I suppose I should git back to bed and see if sleep will quit avoiding me now.



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hey Julia:


even with half asleep you think about good stuff. wonder what would you be thinking with clearhead:D I don't understand Yoda quote but I do believe in trying till you succeed. my motto is unless you don't try it how would you know you can't do it.




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I like the quote:"If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing badly." In other words, as you are saying, give it a shot and if it works, it works, if it doesn't you can take that off the "to do list". I think too many people are not trying things for fear of failure. What we need to be doing is experimenting to see what is possible and what is not. Particularly the younger survivors who are still flexible and in their peak learning period.


I keep a book at the bedside and read a bit if I wake during the night. Getting up is an option and coming and playing on the computer helps too. Hope you still get the sleep you need to keep sleep deprivation at bay.



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hi julia, interesting post. i too have problems sleeping at times, even with the meds i take to help me sleep. oh well such is life. just like this stroke. our parents always taught us," you dont know unless you try it" i tell myself that daily, i try to do alot of things just to see if i can accomplish it post stroke. some are easier than others, nothing very dangerous. i'm curious not stupid, LOL. just brain damaged. recovery is a lifelong event for the survivor after a stroke. shouldn't we always be trying to get better, i think yes we should to have the best life possible after a debilitating stroke. we cant let the stroke monster win. i know i can't anyway.

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