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Here We Go Again

AZ Leah


I think that's a song "Well Here We Go Again" :o by Dolly Pardon!!! We go to California again Sept 7 for 8 days. This time we are going to fly - nonstop from Tucson to San Diego is only 1 hour and the Tucson airport is small and hassle-free. I've asked for a wheelchair to and from gate. Then we have a shuttle to the rental car. I got great prices on both the airfare and car rental and it sure will make everything easier.


Our destination is Carlsbad again, just an hour north of San Diego. Another timeshare exchange (had it on hold since last year). This one is where we would have preferred to stay in July but it's impossible to get in during the middle of the summer so we jumped at this opening. It's right in the village across from the beach and it will be very convenient for Jerry to walk the beach and me to go to the pool or just sit out in the shade. It's close enough for me to take my walker to a sandwich/yogart place or gift store or full lunch restaurant. More places I can people watch than the last place we were.


Even packing will be simplified and I won't be tempted to throw another bag or book or food or whatever in the car. Last trip we had 3 visits with 3 different couples. This time will be more relaxed because the time will be all ours except we will spend the last night with friends before leaving for the airport on Sept. 15. I always have a tendency to over-pack (a girl thing?). This time I'm limiting myself to a smaller suitcase. A few books, minimal make-up and we're out of here!!


Other than that, I'm status quo. I have a round of dr. appts starting end of Sept. All routine except I'm switching my urologist to see if she can help my incontinence (I hate that word and what it represents). I have never wanted an operation but in this case I would go for it if it would work. I know stroke survivors have problems with this and I had a brain stem stroke. I've done a lot of reading recently about stroke and also some autobiographies written by survivors. It is helping me put some words to what happened the day of and during the first few months of my stroke. They never could give me the reason for my stroke which I understand is pretty common. My neurologist said it might have been my smoking :oohlala: which I quit 10 years pre-stroke. I also read alcohol can hurt the arteries :cocktail: and I haven't had any alcohol in 10 years either sooooo it is a really big ?? :uhm:


The more I know the more confused I get because there is so much to learn but, then again, the more I am grateful and blessed that I have come this far. It's only been 2 years 2 weeks since I returned home and I had to have almost everything done for me. My endurance is a lot better (I nap about an hour/day) but I need to remind myself of the glass half-full on a daily basis.


Going to my work-out this morning, I repeated over and over again all the things I was grateful for to get me out of a self-imposed funk. I am okay now. I used to say I was "lucky". I don't use that word any more; I feel that I am "blessed". Big difference in my eyes. Jerry and I get along good most of the time but once in a while I feel like giving him a knock on the nogin :bop: especially when he gets impatient when I can't get the words out of my mouth fast enough. All in all, we're together almost 25 years and I'm pretty sure that won't change :hug:


Well enough out of me...it was fun using some of these emotions in my blog. Now it's time for a nap :Zzzz:

Hope everyone has a fun and safe labor day. We're staying on home ground where it's nice and safe.

Adios for now. Leah **hi**


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Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful. Yeah, I do think the overpacking is definitely a girl thing. For me, it's something I've also taught my daughter. :giggle:


You are definitely blessed and we're blessed to have you here with us.

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hey Leah:


I love carlsbad, and your trip sounds so wonderful reminds me of my great vacation days there before and post stroke. you have great attitude and I also learnt with my hubby some things you can't change in other person. just your reaction. Though I also give hubby nogging from time to time. makes me feel better. & thankfully he reliazes his mistakes. says sorry, but then within few days will repeat the same things :D


have fun at the vacation & in long weekend.




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