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5 Years Post-Stroke



This month Tootie is 5 years post-stroke. I was going to share what we went through but it is too painful. I do reflect on what happened but don


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congratulation for Tootie's 5th anniversary. you all are very fortunate to have each other in their life. what you said is so true unless you experience valley you will never appreciate mountaintop. thanks for sharing with us. this kind of blogs makes you think.






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I wonder about all this. At the time the experience is happening life is very hard. I find this every time Ray has another stroke, seizure or an episode of some kind. I work frantically, I pray fervently. I do come out the other side; "so far, so good". But as Mr Hillman says LATER we look back and see how far we have come or what obstacles we have overcome. It is true what does not kill us makes us strong. Unfortunately it does kill some on the way.


I am a little pessimistic today as a good friend of mine, a devoted carer to her stroke survivor husband has just been diagnosed with cancer. That is a BIG mountain to climb. The carer sometimes fails to look after themselves. I am aware sometimes of the strain we all go through either through our own illness or disabilities or through being a carer for someone who has gone through so much.


I'm glad Tootie survived so well and that she has her family and you to take care of her, it is a lot too much for a single caregiver. Remember you are in our prayers too.


((Hugs))) from Sue.

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You do have much to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing the wonder of Taylor with us. I truly appreciated the email you shared. My mother taught me quite young to look at life's challenges as an opportunity to build self confidence and inner strength. A mindset that left no room for self pity and instead an outlook that allowed me to feel empathy without feeling threatened by the rawness of emotion.

You are so right. the pain will manifest if you dwell on it. Trusting in the Lord's will is of course always the best choice, Taylor is flourishing and you are at peace enjoying watching her do so.


Maria :hug:

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