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put money where mouth is



For the past few days, I've been struggling with a dilema. One part of the dilema involved the barn of course, we could get around the zoning issue if we didn't put in a kitchen. I have been resistant to that idea entirely. One because I looked at that as a step down from what I have. Two, I plan on living there for a long time. So Thursday I walked up to the neighbors house that owns the field behind us, I knocked on her door introduced myself and asked if she would sell me a strip of land, she said no. I liked her and enjoyed the chat we had for the following two hours. I can talk anyones ears off, not surprising. lol_2.gif

So with her denial of selling the land, that was my last hope, my hold out for having a real kitchen. So the question became..."Well what do you want to do"? As of thursday I didn't know. I needed to think it over.


I thought it over and I've decided that the time had come for me to put my money where my mouth is. I've adopted new philosphies post stroke, been thrilled to realize I no longer lived a structured convental life. OK, I decided to test my new lifestyle and philosphies......Did I want to rent a place where I was told I couldn't have my kids or dog? Would I be happy and comfortable in a place like that? No. Then my mother trying to be helpful, calls up the local old peoples independent living community and finds out I qualify to live there. Not this chick, no way, no how. So those were my valid real options, I didn't like any of them at all. So I started rethinking the idea of the barn sans kitchen.

I can have a little fridge like you get for a dorm room. I could get a convection microwave, a hot plate. I have a grill. OK, the cooking part is taken care of. So I thought the barn will be like living on an eternal vacation, with a kitchenette for my needs. I thought, ok lets follow this thought further, I'll decorate it in shabby chic. I will make it comfortable and easy to maintain, no more fussy decorating for me. I will live my new adopted lifestyle every day.

My mother of course cannot get over her conditioning and is mortified that I am even considering this. I told her it will still look nice, it isn't going to look as if I pushed the woodworkers out and moved in. I do have some style and I won't let go of the style part.But it will be fun, stripping my life down to bare essentials, do I need a space that looks like it came out of a decorating magazine? No. Does my life depend on living with all these fussy pottery and antiques I now have? No. So I have opted for choice casual always on vacation. Will I ever get sick of the carefree life and yearn to join the adult world of structured responsibility? Probably. The novelty will wear off, I'll start yearning for that kitchen. I know me. My mother keeps saying I'm being forced into an awful choice, I'm getting the short end of the stick. I wish she would shut up, because right now I feel like I'm choosing the barn. I'm ok with the choice, I'm looking forward to the project.

Maybe my creative juices will come out of hiding. I lost the ability to be creative in the stroke, so hopefully shabby chic will be easy to accomplish and get the brain rewired.

Besides in the barn I can have my kids over whenever I want, I can have Petey with me and Stockings. I won't be having anyone telling me what to do. Besides summers coming, having me in the barn, takes care of Kurts problem of a babysitter for the whole summer.

This chapter starts a whole new advaenture. Casual living here I come.



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You'll also have a great excuse to go out to eat as often as you want, and you'll have time because you won't be cleaning and cooking all the time. And believe me, you can do more than just heat things up in a microwave as I commented in another blog of yours. (Pinapple upside down cake comes out great!) Get a small model little deep freezer after your barn passes inspection and sneak that into a closet---plan the plug receptacle now. If they let you have a hot plate, can you build it in? If so, order one from a trailer supply store.


Peace of mind is very valuable and having your pets and kids around are worth a lot. Giving them up would be so much harder than giving up a full kitchen.



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