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I heard fom my mother...




Last week, my mother had said they (my dad and her) were planning to visit this week. Yesterday, saturday I had not heard from her and she had said she would give me 2 days before her visit. I wanted to know what was going on, if they had changed their minds or what so I called her. She is very tired with all the running around they have to do for the holidays and she told me they would not come until the week between xmas and new year's. I know she gets tired but who doesn't. I was disappointed because I thought she was as excited about this visit as much as I, apparently not.

She would not have been too tired to visit either my sister or my brother. I have not heard from my son, who was supposed to have told my mother that he would call me. This is not the first time they have given me high hopes. I am so tired of getting hurt by those people who are supposed to be the people I can count on Ha! So true what they say that you choose your friends but not your family. I won't be blogging before Xmas so I would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas. Til next time,





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mc i am sorry to hear that. i dont blame you for your anger. no we can't choose our family. i was so hoping things would work out for you too. well now you and andre can just enjoy each others company for the holidays. merry christmas to you both.

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i have been wondering what was going on with the family visit......i can only imagine how much your heart must ache. if it is possible try to put aside your expectations and just see what occurs. i have found that my expectations of how others should act or what they should do only leads to disappointment and heartbreak. (in fact i am trying to let some hopes and expectations go right now....another story)

make your plans with andre and enjoy your time together. have a good christmas and take care of yourself and your honey....kathy

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Thank you all for your replies. I don't know why I let it get to me because I was expecting another disappointment but maybe deep down I was hoping...

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I am so sorry to hear your disappointments. but I will try to take approach of what Kathy is suggesting to avoid future disappointmets due to our expectations & wishes. Have a wonderful time with your Andre. If family comes along to share it well & good otherwise have blessed hristmas with ur honey.




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Hi MC , I'm sorry your visit is put off for a bit. I'm not sure of your parents ages, but... maybe it will be a better time. The stress of the Holiday gone, I'm sure getting around in the snow is not eassy either.


Your mom may be a little "afraid" of the welcome or visit also. May a few phone calls from you between now and when they come may help ease the first meeting.


Wishing you and Andre a very Happy Holiday,



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