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Attitude Adjustment



Ok, so I have given myself a major attitude adjustment. beer.gif Maybe it was just riding around on the lawnmower drinking beer, I don't know. I feel like someone has put life into this body again. bouncesmile.gif I'm still looking for a job with no avail.... dry.gif But I don't care right now. No I wasn't drinking today, this happened on Saturday. My husband and I spent the day outside doing yard work. So I don't have as much yard as Cinder. I only have 2 acres, but it is work. One acre is nothing but trees. And until we moved here, it wasn't touched. So we have been working on that. We planted a garden (yum fresh veges). We planted some roses in memory of my mom. We burnt leaves for two days and have enough left for at least 10 more days! But, I actually found it very soothing. It gave me a big adjustment that I needed.


I am starting to feel better about everything. I can even almost stand the two men that drive me crazy most of the time. They are even almost getting along. cloud9.gif I can't believe how lucky I am to live in this beautiful country that I call home. It is so pretty here. I almost forgot that during the turmoils of my life.


Also, my best friend from 25 years ago, emailed me today and said that she is going to call me this week so we can catch up. That meant the world to me. pash.gif


Well, I will get off my box now and go find something to do that will keep this new attitude in tact. giggle.gif


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WOW..You go girl. I'm so happy for ya. I was thinking about you the other day and how difficult things must be for you. All the best to you Cyndi. pash.gif

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hey Cindy:

you make me jealous of your yard, and if khovanian builders find out that you have 2 acre land then they will build 20 homes there, when we bought our first house, we bought based on how big the front yard and back yard was, but since none of us r kind of yard people, we kind of never played in our backyard anytime m y son wanted to play we would take him to playground, so in our next house buying we have postage stamp size yard but big house which all of us love now. I kid around with my hubby that anytime if we get bothered by our neighbours we can just open our window and close their windows.

I am happy that you got new outlook for a life, we all love u, i love reading your blogs, and I am able to look at the life wiith different persepective,




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You have woods, cool. You don't have far to run then. When I moved here, 5 years ago, no one had mowed the back 3 acres or back yard, in 10 years. I know what you're going through. Do you have a fire pit?

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I have made four fire pits. I keep at least two going at a time when I am outside working. Smoke gets in my eyes and up my nose. It is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

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