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Monday is Funday



I love being a human, it is so much fun, I hope that I can be a human forever and ever. Yeah humans, yea.


I've had several experiences with death sort of, in reality the stroke didn't kill me but I don't remember it either, I felt sleepy, I lay down to take a little nap, woke up 7 weeks later.


If I had not woken up I still may be alive right now, barely. Being tube fed is not a lot of fun, I don't remember it at all, I do not remember anything during that period, I did have some strange dreams that were pretty much unrelated unless you consider female paratroopers, USA, the middle east theater as related. Out of the 3 distinct dreams I had, 2 were about women which doesn't surprise me much, from what I was told, I had a fixation with nurses and bed, I blame it on the testosterone that was naturally being created within me. Nature trying to reproduce itself, natural. None of the nurses took me up on it, I was told by several that since I lost 30 pounds from my original 131 pounds, my pants fell down until one of the family, a daughter bought me a few pair of underwear, small.


The other experience came from physical pain in the late Eighties, I went into shock and shock is wonderful, it really is. When a person is in shock, when they accept shock, nothing hurts any longer, it's natures way of saying, 'you can't hurt me'.


In that experience I found my self drifting away from my body, I was conscience of no longer feeling attached, that I could leave and not return to that aching body, I wanted to sail away then I started thinking of my family and I knew I had to come back, I didn't really want to but I really needed to at that time. I am now working to help them to understand that leaving ones body for the NEXT dimension is natural, it's all natural, it's a great thing, children must understand the aspect of death of the physical body. If they ask me what the next 'thing' is, the only way that I can answer is to explain to them that the possibilities of life in the universe can have no end, that whatever life can imagine, it can achieve. I love my children, so does the mother.




Believe in Miracles, we each are connected to all life in the universe, think positive. : + )


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i am assuming that your comments regarding loving to be a human and how fun it is was jocular. as for the out of body experiences and shock, i think that is nature's way of insulating us from pain, as do you.


i was disappointed that when i died briefly that i had no out of body experience like so many others. i have to wonder if it's because i wasn't dead long enough to "cross over" to the other dimension, or if maybe i wasn't going anywhere else, or if maybe it was already known to my creator that i wasn't REALLY going to leave this life yet. I JUST DON'T KNOW. I HATE NOT KNOWING.


i also had no dreams what so ever. i only started having dreams again a few months ago, at least that i can remember. i wonder where i was for three weeks. i mean my soul, my mind, and those dreams that i cherish so much. WHERE WAS I? i really would like to know.


as for death of the physical body being natural, i know it is, but it is still a mystery to me and i am a little frightened of the unknown.


peace love and joy rod


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Yes, my comment about being a human and loving it, that's my sense of humor, I admit I am warped, I've been misshapen since I can remember and I remember back to when I was a kid. As I was having a stroke, my message to the world through my internet based membership in a worldwide locksmith forum, the message was simply, Splat. That's what I am like, if I had any fear of death, I would have said something along the lines of, help, I feel funny, my head is spinning and I must go to sleep. I knew something quite odd was happening to me but I was not sure exactly what it was. Jocular as as you say.


As for being dead or knowing that you are dead, I'm not positive how it feels or really is, the only thing that I can speak first hand about is that when it comes and is accepted, that it will be the most powerful climax you can imagine and it lasts several weeks but to be fair, it become a part of you and is always there. It is a mental climax, stars, pins, needles, euphoria... Once you have one you will never forget it.


I accept death about every day, I was afraid once, really afraid, the first time death threatened me, I ran and hid. I lived with it every day for about 7 years until I got the nerve to accept that which we will each indulge. Once accepted, well... you'll never be afraid again.


I seldom remember my dreams, After I woke up and started remembering what had happened to me, I could only remember feeling sleepy and I had only been awake from a good nights sleep a few hours when I started stroking, when me haid started filling with blood. A few dreams were in my head, a few feelings too, like I remember or seem to remember a family member, a daughter or two telling me that I was needed back here. Jasmine assumed the responsibilities of caring for me and she did a great job, maybe that's the south talking. Her father was the director of a Public Health Service Hospital for some years in the South before retirement. A good scientific background. She is one of the reasons I became a free thinker during my life.


You, I, every human that is on this planet will one day be gone, there is nothing to fear, that's like being afraid of new places. Have no fear. In your being accept, totally accept that one day you will no longer be here, in that there is developed a certain amount of freedom. There should be no fear at all, fear holds us back from the future just as traditions hold us back to an ancient program with too many a glitch.


Let's correct the glitches, let's rebuild using science and logic, let's smile to release our natural endorphins, let's lose our fear of the unknown and use our power as life to make a new and more complete world with lots of friends in it.


Peace, Love, the American way, north, south and central.









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