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The Sound of Logic



Ka ching... no, no, just kidding.


A better world, can we do it?, can we do it without violence? Can we make it fun?


I was taught to eat 3 meals each day and also drink 3 glasses of cow's milk, I was taught that I needed to eat meat, beef, pork, poultry, cheese and if I couldn't get any of that then beans.


Unfortunately that is 2 meals per day too many.


Imagine taking a tiger from its natural habitat, feed it 3 meals a day for two weeks, what do you got?


I rewrote the program, it works better.





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a FAT tiger is what you'd get rod!!!!

unless i am having a binge eating fest ( one of my most hated character flaws) because i let my stress get me like that, which isn't often, i NEVER eat three meals a day. i feel like crap when i overeat. i believe in light snacks rather than heavy meals.i never put gravy on anything and do not like fried foods or sugar added to anything, or real salt. i hate to say it, but that's real unsouthern. lol


we are brought up to believe in traditions that may have been appropriate when we were farmimg and working in the fields all day. however, most of us lead much more sedentary lives than our ancestors, so this 3 meals a day and all of this fat, sugar and milk no longer appplies. unless we want to be like the tiger mentioned above


plj rod


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I still say that you have a mighty cute nose Kim, it's out of sight, cute and perky.


Yes, food is our enemy, we must watch what we eat. I missed you in chat, in fact I think that I teed off some members because of my desire to bring up subjects that should be left not mentioned. I refer to us as a species of animal which is perfectly true but probably just polite not to mention it.





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yeah rod,


i can see where that might happen. i understand where you are coming from, but not everyone is as weird as you and i are. lol you can always chat with me as i do not get offended by much of anything. i don't think you could "outweird me" if you tried. i like you and your views.



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Hi Rod,


I was one of the people in chat with you last night and if you thought people were offended because you brought up topics that you blog about all the time, you are wrong. Last night, there was a member in chat with serious problems that required serious support. Some of us were trying to give it to her and we didn't really have the time to address your areas of interest. Chat is first and foremost for serious support. If, at times, we also have a lot of fun in there, that is great. But don't get your nose out of joint if you off-topic subjects don't get the responses that you want every time you are in the room.


You've declared yourself the most logic thinker and top intellect around here, but when ever anyone challenges one of your regurgitated theories, you wilt like a daisy in a snowstorm instead of debating it. What gives with that?



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I also was one of the people in chat last night, and I can assure you, I wasn't teed off about your topics, I told you what I thought of your topics. Maybe you think chat is your playground. Sorry last night someone was in need of real support, that is what chat is there for STROKE SUPPORT.

Not support of the ego you claim to no longer have.


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I guess that I went a bit off the beaten path when Mary from Pa. made the remark that she could have died.


What are we supposed to say, No, you won't die, well that would be a lie. you, I, we are all going to die and from my two experiences with dying thus far, I guess that I have to do it again, dying to me was pleasant and wonderful. I could not knock it.


I am not nor did I say that I am the most logical here, if I did that, getting my ass whipped would be the order of the day. No, I am just a plain little human. Sometimes I do and say stupid things, I do not pretend to be perfect but I have been around the sun enough times to realize that if there is a being in the universe who claims to have created me and in return would like to be worshipped, I publicly exclaim that this being can kiss my (bleep) and I am sure that it knows what 'bleep' means, that don't take too much intelligence to figure out.


I do not have a ego, I am dirt, I am not worthy to look at another human, well, okay, I am stretching it a bit. Sorry,


Cheers anyway,



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I was not in the chat last night and don't know all the circumstances behind the issues but these comments seem a bit heavy handed. Rod does march to the beat of his own drummer but these seem a bit much.


Why can't we all get along!!!!!!!!!!! beer.gifbeer.gif




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Hi Charles, nothing that has been said here by myself or others has surprised me thus far, there aren't many a straight board or group that can handle what I say so I'm more than used to it.


In the animal kingdom where we are now, err, I suppose that I should also say queendom just to be fair. I like being fair. The majority of people cannot seem to handle what I say very well and I understand that they were raised with it, I escaped when just small.


This board should know that they are with the majority, they do not understand the simple things that I say.


Maybe they just don't want to hear it but the result is good, very good, something to look forward to, someday we will all be at peace with one another, I know that sounds unlikely but it is possible and it is a lot of work. But I need a lot of work for my mind while being rewired, it seems to help.


Take care, Imagine Whirled Peas.





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hey rod,


being part of the "queendom" i can say that we humans are all different regardless of how we are all the same. many ingrained views are'nt meant to be challenged by "dirt" like you. lol.


i was brought up with a traditional set of values and beliefs and have since questioned nearly everyone of them at one time or the other., much to my mother's chagrin. some i still keep, other's i have discarded. spirituality, or lack thereof is very personal to me., but not to the point that i can't listen to and mull over another viewpoint.


as for death and dying, tis a scary thing to most people because as much as we have been told that there is an afterlife, the truth is that we don't know for sure. i ibelieve ( and don't tell my mama)that there are a certain number of souls in the universe and that when we die, they are recycled. yes rod, reincarnation, recycling as you might call it. this would explain why people have immediate attractions or dislike to others, or natural talents and abilites.


i'm way out there too rod, but you have 20 years on me and take the first place trophy in that category!!! blue ribbbon goes to rod williams!!!!! most normal people don't want their ideas and beliefs challenged, it's human nature. it makes them feel safe. that's how i felt, safe, when i still shared all of my mom's beliefs. i am not afraid of dying either, but i want to live. we all have a purpose, and i haven't figured out what mine is yet.


so, that's my 2 cents on that.



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