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weekend off



I decided to take the weekend off. My wife and are having people over sunday for the game. We are steelers fans and our friends ravens its not there fault blame the parents.Lol We get flack being in maryland. We should have fun. Well Im off to enjoy my wife, family, and friends. But first Ill help Kelly get ready. Have a great weekend! GO STEELERS!

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I agree Bart, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!. Here is Pittsburgh it's been terrific as game day approaches. The excitement here is like it's already the Super Bowl. Our Mayor Ravenstahl changed his name this week to Steelerstahl. Every other song on the radio is usually a Steeler song. My Schwan's delivery man came in this morning with his terrible towel hanging from his pocket cheering "Go Steelers".


Enjoy your party- hope it will be a kick-off to the Super Bowl with the Steelers versus ?????

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