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I Feel SOOOOO Unapreciated



I know that i just reported really awesome news and don't get me wrong, i am so excited. I just feel utterly unappreciated. My dad decided that instead of going to my induction he was going to go and do something for boyscouts. I understand that he is the scout master and what not but COME ON!!!!!!!!!! How many times is your child elected student body president. I know its stupid and i shouldn't even worry about it but it *beep* my off. Thanks for listening. No responses required.


Becky from Chicago cloud9.gif


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Becky, you are fighting against your gender as well, if you didn't already know. Had you been born a boy, your dad would have been on the front row for your speech, my guess is. I could be wrong, but this is my gut feeling.


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how many times have i started a sentence to my dad with"if i had been a boy.." i can't count. while he went to most important functions when i was performing or getting some honor, there were times when he didn't. when i was nine years old he didn't come to my baptism because he didn't want to miss an episode of mannix.


SO, i understand how you feel. i think he should put the boyscouts on the back burner and come to to your function.




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