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Life is too short




I'm going to see if I can write at least 5 answers to the statement Life is too short.


Life is too short to:

1)spend it with people who drag me down, who are determined that their problems and ailments are the worst in the world.

2)spend it feeling sorry for myself.

3)wasting time with feeling guilty

4)scrimp on time with my creative endeavors.

5)lose precious time with my hubby - the caregiver, best friend, love of my life.


OK - I'd really like to see some of the things the rest of you think? Am soliciting honest reflection.




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Linnie, I missed replying to this one. I agree with all of your 5. I'll try to make a list of my own one day.


I would like to add:

Life is too short to:


6) pursue friends who can't be bothered keeping in touch


7) to keep filling in all this paperwork!


Ok, for Ray's sake I do have to fill in a lot of forms and send them back to whichever government department or organisation thinks it needs all this information. But it not my favourite way to spend my time.



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