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Today is the first day of our life.



It's not even the first day, it's not even Noon. One Billionth of Eternity is equal to its full length. You cannot divide something that does not have a end.


From a species of planetoid animal to a core of energy complete with memory banks, we evolve throughout the universe for all of eternity and it don't cost a nickel.


We each are life, life does not die, life changes, for all eternity. The possibilities are unlimited, they have to be, there are a few paradoxes but I think that life can reach what it believes possible. The only downside I see is that we evolve slowly because of imbedded traditions. Traditions need to be examined and changed so that we may move more speedily towards the stars. We have a messed up world, we created it, our programs are at fault, our thinking is faulty, revise, revise, question, revise.


Being a species of animal does not cut it with me... moo.




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