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I'll try this again.



Yesterday I made a blog entry and before I could save it...it disappeared on me. So I'm oing to retype what I wrote yesterday, hopefully. A friend of mine was painting her patio deck using a ladder and fell from it landing on one foot and broke her leg above the ankle, the bone was poking out of her skin....ewwwwww She had to be air lifted to a bigger hospital. The bone was shattered. Today they were talking of using a 'doner' bone to graft in...which means a cadaver. The local hospital's solution was amputation of her foot yikes.gif

I'd rather have a dead person's bone in me than my foot cut off.

My hubby went over to their house yesterday and finished painting the deck for them(took 4 hours)...he knew she(Twyla) wouldn't want to get back up on a ladder if she could ....nor could her husband(Kim) because Kim has had both hips replaced. Kim is actually my hubby's friend and Twyla is my friend by association.


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Finishing that painting project sure was a nice and compassionate thing to do. This is the kind of thing what keeps the random acts of kindness cycle going through out the world, people helping one another in need.


I hope your friend gets the donor bone. What a terrible shock that couple must be in.



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as you know, i have had dental problems cause of that dilantin those idiots gave me when i didn't neeed it. i have had a cadaver bone graft in my left jaw. it sure beats the heck out of losing those teeth i can ASSURE you.


i would let them put cadaver, canine, feline, WHATEVER in my foot in lieu of losing it. WHAT A NIGHTMARE for your friend. i am glad she has you and joe to help her.


my thoughts with your friend


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