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Yoda, come home!!!



My niece and her husband had a dog, Chewy, and two cats.. a male Yoda, and a younger female, Princess.

Yes, they are Starwars fans, can't you tell?

John got transfered in his job to Omaha, NE and as a part of the move, it was agreed to find new homes for the animals because of all the hair.

Chewy found a home right away and they also took Princess there. a farm acreage

Yoda, wasn't welcome there, he's kinda grouchy. A beautiful long hair male fluff ball. So Yoda made the move to Omaha under the condition that a home would be found for him once in Omaha.

One day, he escaped and didn't come home. Weeks and even a couple months later, They looked everywhere for that purrbaby. One day, the garbage was set by the driveway for pickup, Michele had placed the litterbox in the garbage that day and low and behold the next morning there was Yoda, out by the garbage container....he must have smelled his scent and knew he was 'home'

Now for the sad part, my sister, Marilyn, whose cat, Muffy had never been a healthy cat was nearing the end of her days, said she'd take Yoda when Muffy was gone. Last week Muffy had to be put to sleep, she was in a lot of pain... So now, Yoda can live at his 'Grandma's' John still insisted Yoda leave since the dog and other cat were gone...for the pet hair.


Ain't it kinda like a Lassie story, where Lassie was separated from Timmy and suffered all kinds of trials to get home. Yoda, was very thin and very affectionate when he got home.... It's hard to say what he had to eat while on his own...rabbits, birds...he has no front claws. He did have ear mites. But that was the only thing wrong with him upon his arrival home.


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Wow! What a story! I have fears over losing our dog all the time. It would break our hearts. Thanks for sharing that.








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aawwwwwwwwwww!!!!! i bet you liked that movie homeward bound too. i like the classic one from the fifties, AND the remake. when i left home, black kitty stayed cuz my apartment wouldn't take cats( i didn't live there long, i can't be "catless") anyway, i had moved across town about five miles from my parents. i do NOT know how he did it, but in two weeks he was on the stoop of my new apartment. CREEPY CAT.


i sneaked him in and moved not long after. i love lost pet found stories, it warms my heart.



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