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Open the Windows at Last!



Bring in the Autumn. I love Spring and Fall, always have a breeze and temp around 70's. So, my

most unfavorable seasons, you guessed it Summer & Winter. You ask why? Well, I'm either

paying for A/C or Gas, those bill never get any smaller. My SSI check is gone before I have

a chance to buy groceries. So I play with pay this bill this month and so on. I know every

one has the same problem. I use to have a pantry pretty well stocked. Now, I buy only

what I need. No extras for a rainy day. Cuz everyday seems like a rainy day. Well, off

that subject. Back to Autumn weather. This weather can stay till next year. It's 60's in

the morning and by noon 70's. Just great for opening the house up and take some deep

breaths. Fresh Air!! Now I have to get my A?? in gear and clean up the garden area, see

what is going on with the gourds that have grown all up and in between the trumpet vines.

The butterfly garden flowers got so tall when it rained they all had to be staked so I can

get the flowers to keep blooming hopefully till the end of October. I'm going to hang on

to fall as long as I can.




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Hi Jeannie,

must agree. spring and fall are great. the crisp, cool, and fresh air of fall is unbeatable.


nice entry.



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hi jeanine:


in winter I keep our house very cold & use space heater wherever I m sitting in the house so no need to warm up entire house. In summer same thing this year we installed fans in every room & summer wasn't that bad financially. only had to start AC few times in summer. so all money saved is money earned for us.




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Hi Jeannie,


My Mom used to always use the saying "robbing Peter to pay Paul" with her fixed income. I now fully understand the dilemma trying to get my ssdi check to spread out over the monthly bills.


Fall is definitely a relief - the in-between season, like spring. Here in Pittsburgh we've had a few chilly days where the highs aren't even reaching 70. My Crystal kitty (1/2 Siamese) already has cold feet LOL and was following me around yesterday (I knew she wanted the heat on) which Mommy refused but laid out a fuzzy blanket for her. I got a dirty look but she did finally curl up on it.


Hope your fall weather is enjoyable and you get the opportunity to do your garden clean up.

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