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Well went to my Cardiologist six month appointment. I go to a teaching hospital and my previous doctor

graduated in June 09. So, I knew I would get a new doc to see. The anticipation I guess was affecting

my blood pressure. Because when the nurse took it 160/65 WOW! Oh no, now in the back of my mind

I knew he would start looking at what medication to change. But, the nurse weight me and I'm so proud

I lost another 20lbs. Ya :cheer: . So knowing my pressure was up but my weight was down even out

my thoughts in my mind.


Well my appointment was for 8:30am. I got to the clinic at 8am so I will get checked in see the nurse

and hopefully be seen by 9am. WRONG :juggle: ! I know better, but can't blame me for wishing.

I'll explain how the clinic makes appointments :Clap-Hands:. Most clinics take 90 appoints, yes they give you a

time but it really doesn't mean anything. So I always like early appointments. Hoping the doctor I'm

see I'll be his first :Clap-Hands: . Oh, the ir is about 6 doctors. Now remember this is a teaching hospital

for Morehouse and Emory University medical schools.


Finally, 9:30 my name gets called. :yikes: . After introducing himself he read of my chart, asked

for my medication to check against the computer. Blood pressure he says is too high, why he asked.

My answer back it should not be. I take my B/P twice a day at home and it runs about 110/62.

The doctor takes it again and yep 110/65. :bouncing_off_wall: Thank God.

Ok it's time to hop up on the table. ya right. Doc does the usuall listening to the heart, first the back side,

then the front. All sounds good. :Clap-Hands:

So he goes and consults with his superior and five minutes later he arrives back. Well, we are not going to

change any of your medications :wink: . But I do want you to get your blood drawn for some test.

And the best thing to hear is "I'll see you in six months."


Now I take my medical folder to the exit nurse, and wait till she goes threw the papers he marked up, double

check the lab request and call my name. This process can take anywhere from minutes to hour. I'm lucky

in about five minutes I'm called, given my lab copy and told they will send me my appointment.

:laughbounce: Congratulations I'm out in record time 11am.


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