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Georgia, Georgia, rainy night in Georgia. It's more like one day, two days, it's now been a week.

Weatherman or woman say we will have rain threw Wednesday. This morning Carl had a doctors


I got out to the car first got in on the passenger side looked out the front window

and what do I see "a cracked front windshield." There's not a big tree branches lying close to the

car. I can't figure out what did it. Now I'll have to call the insurance company, report it and get it

fixed. It's just cracked from the windshield wiper to the roof. Don't have a hole, so I don't have to

rush fixing it.

I have to say Carl and I are lucky. I'm fretting about a cracked windshield, others are being flooded

out of their homes, their cars are under water.

Here is a story: Their was two men, one man crossed a bridge all of

a sudden behind him he sees the road cave in. He seen another car coming and tried to stop him

from crossing that section of road. A sink hole has appeared all of a sudden the man fell in, flipped his

car and was pinned in his car. The man on the other side could not reach the accident. Sink holes

are appearing all over Atlanta, and surrounding areas.I'm not watching the new tonight.

All I'm doing today is going to doctors appointment that is towards town, 5 miles and back 5 miles

on a back street. Pull in the driveway, park the car. I'm staying inside. I'm blessed.





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From what I see on TV you all will have to get out of there cause it appears the rain will stay for a while longer.


Be careful depending on where you are!

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I pray rain stops for you guys soon. When we worry about our small inconviences in life, it is important to remember there r so many far worse of than us. though I understand there r so many far better off than us. So comparison doesn't help. we have to play with our hand the best we can that's the right choice.






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