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walkaid....rescheduled.....somebody called in sick



We were halfway to the orthotics place when my cell phone rang. I don't always answer the phone when I am driving. It is difficult to delve into the bottomless pit called my purse. But, somehow I managed to get the phone before it clicked off. I am just calling to reschedule your appt. It was supposed to be at 9AM. the orthotist called in sick. Can we reschedule for....Friday?? What choice do we have? Friday it will be. I am rather excited about this evaluation. I wonder if William will be a candidate for the walkaide. I hope so. I have told him that we shall see. If he is not ready for it yet. Perhaps in the near future we will try again. but, we shall wait until Friday. We did turn around and went to the pool instead. William did a great job in the pool

We met a gentleman that had a stroke a few years ago and he is back to his old self. He encouraged us to keep working at it. It is slow but you get better with lots of work. This was inspirational for William. He needs to hear that every so often.

I have toyed with the idea of getting a city wide membership for the YMCA. We can then try to go to the therapeutic pool at another location. It is warmer.

I am always amazed at how well William can walk in the water. The left leg is able to actually work. We do squats and running stretches. While william is on the chair ...I have him kick his legs, pretend that he is pedaling a bicycle and lifting up the knee. He is really exhausted after my workout.

He has a shower and then is hungry. We haven't had breakfast yet.

He says you can fix us breakfast. That is good to hear. For awhile...he had lost his appetite. So I am more than happy to fix breakfast.

I have been taking his blood pressure. The addition of the extra coreg is keeping the blood pressure at 140/80. That is good.

We have the windows open today. It is 75 degrees and breezy and overcast in Houston. Wonderful weather. William is snoozing in his recliner and I will be getting ready for work.

I can hear the windchimes tinkling.

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I will keep my fingers crossed that William is a candidate for the Walkaide. I was bummed that initially I was not; when my physiatrist told me they cost 5 grand and medicare isn't covering them just yet, I did feel better.


Great to hear William's asking for you to make breakfast. He's working up an appetite in the pool exercising!! That's terrific. You're doing a great job with him.

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