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reviewing my blogs



I cannot belive it. I didn't start blogging until July 09. Six months after Willliam's stroke. That just goes to show you how much more time I have now. I was really busy the first few months of the stroke. But, it is good to reflect back and see that time goes on and gets better.

Yes life post stroke is slower. My son was asking how William is feeling emotionally and I can honestly say that he is doing amazingly well. Much better than I would expect to be doing myself.

Perhaps it is due to the ADHD. Things are slower and not as complicated. Easier to understand. I take the time to explain things because of the stroke and cognitive. That is why the ADHD seems to be gone. WE no longer take any medication for that diagnosis.

Life is amazing!!! It sometimes takes a little look back to see where you have gotten to.



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you nailed it. Though I wish I had that wisdom on day of my stroke. I look back 5 years & realize first few years I wasted in crying rather than enjoying living, I hated being alive.


though over the years things have gotton better though sun has to be shining that day to see that wisdom.


I am so happy for both of you.




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