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This water is TOO cold..Get me out of here.



William had to complain about the water in the pool. I did not put his short wet suit on today. That was a mistake. He was upset that I said the water was ok. He insisted that it was too cold. We stayed in for 10 min. But, that is ok. I had him bicycle for 15 min this morning. That is the pedal thing that we have at home. He did really well on that. The leg was able to stay in position. It used to fall out to the left and I would hold it in. I strap the foot on with velcro straps that I made. THey really hold his foot on well.

I need to try the pedals every day. I will try to incorporate that into our day.

Tomorrow, I will put the old wet suit on William...or I will have to go to the warmer pool. It only costs $20 for the membership that will allow us to use any YMCA citywide. I guess that it will be worth it for warm water. It looks like rain today.

I am excited to see what happens to the walkaide appointment. Tomorrow AM.


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your blogs reminds me of my initial days of coming home & doing different kind of therapies with hubby. william is one lucky guy to have you in his side.




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