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Its all good...



I told you all about our grandson he will be having the surgery at Childrens here in Denver. Rest assured they do offer the very finest care.


Then not to be outdone Grandma tried to see to it that no one could outdo my foolishness and I stumbled, I did not even totally fall, but I reinjured the ACL and The MCL and all that so what they beleive will be recommended for my situation is a total knee replacement. What hurts most is the pride at the moment. I have a trip planned to see my bff I am determined that a little thing like this shall not deter. I found that if we are looking for excuses we will always find what we are looking for. However it we are into living life to the fullest all we have to do is a little creative thinking and where there is a will usually there is the way. I have given up enough of my life. Livin one Cherry one bowl No pits at a time........Hugs Karen


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Wow, Karen, life has not been easy! I am hopeful you will be able to make that much needed trip to visit your bff.


My younger brother is a teacher and coach. He had both knee replacements done at the same time two months ago. I'm not sure I would have both done at the same time but he wanted to move on with his life. It was painful but after much PT, he is moving along well. He has continued doing therapy at home on the days he does not go to PT and he is back teaching full-time (no coaching yet though).


You have had your share of health issues this year. Hopefully, 2010 will bring about a much better health year. My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your grandson. Please keep us updated.


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hi karen:


sorry about your fall. but you got right attitude. some one once said " brick walls are there in life. it is there not to stop you but to find out how badly you want things" If you want to do something badly nothing can stop you not even your fall. my mom had knee surgery & after PT she is doing better every day. though now you & your grandson can go for PT together.




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karen, i feel bad about your fall. but your determination will not keep you down. i know you will continue on with the trip you have planned, which is a good thing for you at this point. you need alittle get away time. i know your grandson will be in good hands with his upcoming surgery. life does give us many obstacles to get through and we manage them most of the time. like you said a knee is nothing compared to a stroke to manage, huh! all of us are here to cheer you on. you will manage all just fine. enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures, i hope to be able to see you while you are here, members meeting members, woohoo. kimmie

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