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Let's have a Whataburger for lunch.!!!



Can you believe my almost vegetarian husband, William. I could not believe it. We are exercising in the pool. WIlliam is hungry. We woke up and had his meds and went directly to church. Got home at noon and went directly to the pool. No breakfast today. No wonder he was hungry. But, we never go to Whataburger. Where in he world is one?? Well, I found one the burgers were fantastic. But, we were also famished. You know how anything tastes good when you are hungry. William had to have a large vanilla shake with his burger. He is now watching football. I complimented him on making such good choices for lunch. I had actually volunteered to cook lunch. But, he said that I need a break..we need to find a Whataburger. That was sweet.

I was researching last night and found that Healthsouth rehab centers are using the bioness in therapy. I e-mailed the one Healthsouth here in my area that is using them in therapy. I am going to see if it is possible to get William into therapy with the Bioness. If things work out well, I may seriously consider getting one for him. I am willing to try almost anything to get him to walk. I told him that we really need to work on his stamina if I am to consider the Bioness. I don't want to waste money on it if he is not going to really work hard. So, I have added the pedaling and standing to our hydrotherapy. Lets see how things progress.

It seems that Bioness has rentals of the bioness. I e-mailed them regarding the rentals. I would like to get more information on that. I told William that the money that I have spent on accupuncture and caretakers would pay for the bioness. We have cut down on caretakers and don't do accupuncture anymore. It is really an interesting piece of equipment. I e-mailed Bioness regarding how much help they would give me in billing to insurance.

Still savoring that scrumptuous burger.

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I haven't had a whataburger burger it seems like forever!!! You got my mouth watering for one and there are none here in my locale.


You are to be commended for leaving no stone unturned in order to help William. Terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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