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An hour......



William is a clock watcher. He watches the clock when we get in the pool. He knows that I want an hour workout. At least he has learned this. It seems to take an hour for the hydrotherapy and an hour for the shower.

We went out to lunch with another stroke survivor and caregiver today. William enjoyed our lunch. It is nice to have the cyber world and the virtual world. William is ready for a nice long nap. I have had him up and running since 7AM. He still gets easily fatigued. As I sit here typing...I see the hummingbirds out the window. I hope that they stay awhile. I know that they migrate through Texas.

I have noticed that William's attention has gotten better. He has ADHD and used to be on medicine. Now, without medicine he can really retain what you say very easily. This is strange. Perhaps this is because he can not move about so much.

I need to get a little rest and get ready for work.


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