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PTINR new orders



We went to have the PT INR at the lab. When we got there we were informed that the order had expired. So, I called the doctor and asked them to fax over a new order. Well, they faxed over the same old expired order. I had to call them again and asked them to put a new date on the order.

I need to thank Jeannie, I did not realize that I had disabled others from reading the comments. I hope that I have corrected that problem. Let me know. Thank you Jeannie.

Well, we waited and waited..no order. I called again and this time the correct order was called in. William hates to have the blood drawn but it is a necessary evil.

We got home and I made breakfast. William was enjoying the magazines in the waiting room. He wanted to rip articles out to bring home and read. I helped him rip a couple out. I was just hoping that we could get in and out quickly.

William decided that he was not hungry. He napped while I made breakfast. and he is napping again while I am typing. I think that he is trying to get some energy together for our walk in the pool.

He is getting better.

He is able to sit in the chair and not float away now. So he sits and kicks his legs while I swim. This happens after he walks for an hour in the pool.

I am going to have wake him up now. He will not want to get ready. But, I will tell him that he can have another nap later.

His blood pressure has been high this morning. Before I gave him his meds it was high. 2 hours after his meds it was still high. I will retest now and see what it says.


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No problem Ruth, we are all hear to help one another.

Ruth I ave thaqt problem from time to time. I keep a log keeping Date, Time, BP#,type of food between times. I also keep a log for my diabetes

number. I take the logs to my doctor so he can see what has been going on with my numbers.

I am proud of William in his progress, also glad to here you are getting exercise in for yourself. :nuhuh: ripping articles out of the magazines

I would of did it too!

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