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Blood Pressure...Calendar



I am taking William's blood pressure 3 times a day. I want to get it down. It has been running high. I went to lunch with a couple of friends and they shared that they post the BP readings on the calendar every day. I have started doing the same. I have noticed that William's before meds in the morning readings are high. 140/100. We added a coreg dose. Now at 9.625mg twice daily. But the AM reading is still high. I have decided to give the last dose at 8 or 8:30PM to cover the evening and early morning hours. Guess what this morning at 7AM it was 140/89. Now that is good. We were taking the evening dose too early in the day. I was having William take the meds at 6PM with dinner.

I might even try at 10P when I get home from work. But, I need to have the BP in the evening still low. This dosing and taking of BP's 3 times a day is time consuming. But, I need to get the timing right. I had read that alot of people do not have adequate coverage in the early morning hours when their BP spikes.

I have let William sleep in today. I need to go and get him ready for the pool. Sunday the caretaker let him sleep too much. He was up at 2AM and 3AM. I kept telling him that it was too early to get up. I keep William up most of the afternoon and then he sleeps all evening.

The goal is to get the bottom number in the 80's. I will keep a record and then fax it to his MD when I have figured this out.



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Yes Ruth is is time consuming. But a calendar is a good place for the numbers.None of us can remember the numbers and days and times for when you need to let the doctor know. I use my email calendar. I also have to keep track of my diabetes numbers three times a day. I used to use sprial

notebook but I would lay it down and forget where I laid it last. I always know where the computer is and where to find the calendar.

Always trying to solve the memory problems, this has stop me from having chaos times.

Glad to here your solving Williams high blood pressure number.



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Ruth& Jeanie:


I used to feel proud that I am getting organized but you both beat me. I am learning so much from all these blogs




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First, are you using a wrist BP gauge? They tell me it's not to predictable and the one for the upper arm is much better. I have problems with that kind using one hand.


I take 1/2 HCTZ and one lisinopril 10mg, that does the trick for me. I got HBP in the eyes too but my readings now are mostly not over 131/83. Does it make any difference about sleeping?

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Thank you Fred. But, no I do not use a wrist or finger bP monitor. They are not very good. I have tried it when he is just up from rest and after exercise and all different times of days. The AM reading continues to not stay at 140/80. That bottom number insists on being high in the AM. This morning he was up at 4AM I took the reading and it was low 100's. I gave him a coreg. Then I forgot and gave the AM meds at 10AM. But, I took the reading first. It was 140/85. It was good. BUt, I still gave all his meds. lisinopril 10mg and coreg 3.125 and zoloft 50 and vit b's, digoxin, baby asa. He is at lunch now. When he gets back I will take it again. I am recording it in the computer too. Like Jeannie sometimes I misplace things. But, I use the calendar and the computer. This way I will fax the results to the MD in a few days.

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