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Band of Brothers



William is intently watching the Movie "Band of Brothers" A WWII series. He is really enjoying it. Our pastor used a clip our of it for Men's life and that got William into wanting to watch it. So I ordered it from Netflex. I have missed alot of it since I am doing other things while William is occupied.

William is really doing so much better in the pool. I told him that we will be going at 1PM. I have the day off today. It has been cooler in the pool. So today I will let him wear the wet suit. Yesterday I noticed that WIlliam is able to manuever in the pool by himself. I help him and eventually I let him go on his own. He like to pretend that he is the coach and he is telling me to swim laps. Faster and longer. I am out of shape for lap swimming. I can swim a few and then I am whipped. But, if he stays in the water then I will keep swimming also.

It is amazing how far William has come. We started at the edge of the pool. and stayed for 10 min. We are now walking all the way across the pool and staying for an hour.

I have used Stessie's new window washer exercise in the water.

I complained to the company that keeps billing me for the empi e-stem machine. I finally called them and said that this is supposed to be billed to insurance. I reminded them that I had called regarding this a few months ago. Sure enough, they found the memo. I receive a letter from them saying that the machine is now ours. A phone call does it.

We have been watching the series (or William has) on the National parks. This is really getting him into the travel mood. He says that he needs to walk so that we can go and see these parks.

He is the travel person of the two of us. I am the homebody. So, when he gets better and starts to walk, I guess that we will be traveling again.

This swimming for both of us is good. He gets tired and I get tired too.



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Great for him and good for you too that he is getting much better, It won't be long before he is out of that chair. I was a happy man when I parked it in the garage years ago. My wife was too, she was tired of pushing, loading and unloading it 4 days a week every week but it paid off in the long run.

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