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Breast Cancer Awareness Month (OCTOBER)



We all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It can be treated when caught in time by being aware of symptoms and the knowledge to self examine and of course see your primary care provider for scheduled examinations on a regular basis. Cancers in general for the most part can be prevented when we pay attention to our bodies and signs when something just isn't right.


In America, I really wish every living person had access to proper health care and doctors. My mother for instances did not, as was true with many families of color years ago. Many were never examined by a medical doctor their entire lives and were not born in hospitals but by Mid-Wives right at home. The home remedies were accepted as cures for many medical conditions as routine in the old days.


Today, there are not many reasons not to get examinations for breast cancer and be aware of any signs something could be wrong. Here in my city with so many military families stationed here we try to insure no one is forgotten to get regular examinations. Transportation is provided on a wide scale to women who can't drive or their husbands are deployed overseas or women who otherwise have no way to see a doctor. That's a good thing and no one is left out of the loop.


This is a city where everybody is somehow, someway connected to the military and each other. The kids marry into other families where one or both parents were military so it becomes a round circle of families and friendships. If more cities and communities across America had that same feel for their fellow man, many situations could be avoided in my opinion.


Look out for women in your neighborhood and older women especially so they can get to a doctor to be checked for breast cancer. I know having no insurance is a big problem for many people but there are many free clinics too they may qualify to be seen. This year many doctors are giving their time to help many for free with check ups and Flu shots too. My hope is for every woman to be screened for breast cancer even if it doesn't run in the family genes.


My ex-mother in law died of breast cancer after having a mastectomy to remove one breast. My wife was the baby daughter and it took a toll on her I will never forget. Many stroke survivors right here at Stroke Net may also be breast cancer survivors as well or have survivors in their families. It's nothing to ignore and remember it can be cured when caught in time.


Women everywhere, act now, get checked this month, this is your life!




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Thanks for posting this, Fred. It's interesting that I have had 19 consecutive mammograms and nothing came up last year. The hospital where I go has new digital mammography equipment and they are showing an increase in catching cancer a lot sooner. The lump I have is large and just came about within the last year.


I encourage women to have mammograms, too. I really thank you for helping to get the message out.


The ice pack I have on my breast tonight from the biopsy done earlier today is solid pink. I think I am beginning to like pink once again.


Take care, friend, and thanks for your blog



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