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john of god/walkaide



i participated in the four day healing retreat with john of god from brasil recently...he and his staff were at omega in rhinebeck, ny...i walked in front of him on monday which was the day i had my spiritual intervention...i revert to preverbal stages of development when endeavoring to describe what some of these experiences are like...some of them seem uneventful for sure but this wasn't one of those...i'll continue to see him as often as possible in conjunction with the wonderful pt/exercise i'm also committed to


as far as bioness goes, i was finally taken off the 'high security alert' list by whomever in the billing department...i was contacted via email to arrange for the problem i was experiencing back in june to finally be resolved...eeeccchhhh is all that still comes to mind thinking about how the billing office handled me...does any one have info/experience to share re WALKAIDE??...i'm very interested in what the comparisons are between the two products/companies...please weigh in with any feedback you have??...with thanks, rich


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Keep going on the spiritual journey,As for Walkaide I know nothing about. As for these two companies turn it over to Holy Spirit.

Then listen to the Voice for Love (God), for you can trust your advise you hear.

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