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gypsy's surprise



well folks, gypsy started acting funny last friday, she was all over the house, really uncomfortable and whining, it was nearing her 60th day, so we watched her all weekend and then the nesting started everywhere, she was whining alot and i was coming unglued seeing her like this, so monday am off to the vet again, exam and xrays showed no pups. its a false pregnancy, they will go through all of the stages as a real pregnant dog does, she had morning sickness, breasts getting better and nesting. ok hubby brings her home with meds to calm her down, valium and another med to stop the pregnacy symptoms, ok i'll take the valium. we gave her the meds, she runs into our bedroom and dives under the bed. then i see her drag out the piece of luggage we had under the bed, the one you hang your clothes in. i tell my husband andy to come see what shes doing, we both laugh and he picks up the luggage bag and we heard a noise and gypsy is on my lap going nuts, we unzip the bag, andy says what the hell was that and looks in, i look in and pull out a puppy, :unsure: she had the puppy sunday night in the bag all by herself, even after i fixed her a box, instinct kicked in really well. no wondered xray showed nothing she had already had it duh. we called the vet, they were shocked as we were and asked to see pup and mom again. so andy carts both back to the vet for exam. and mom and baby girl are doing very well. wouldn't you think the exam that morning would have shown she had given birth? i need another valium, false pregnancy my *beep*, now i respect the field of veterinary medicine, i wanted to be one myself, but wrong diagnosis 3 times. i need another valium. so far gypsy has proven to be a great mother just alittle tough with her. she as tried to carry the pup onto our bed at night and under the covers where she normally sleeps. we woke up to the pup really making noise so we intervened and got the pup back to the box. the pup is a chiweenie. part chihuahua and miniature long haired daschund. the father dawson was unimpressed when presented with the pup, he sniffed and licked her and ran off to give out cigars i guess,LOL i am exhausted at this point the valiums are kicking in so i try to nap, then i remember i am to do chat that night, so bonnie comes into the chat room and i tell her the news and ask if she can cover it so i can babysit,LOL the other critters stay far away from her she is very protective of her baby and she lets you know it. she won't even go out to potty unless she is picked up and carried out and baby comes to me to protect her. the pup looks alot like the dad so far, which we will probably keep, even though that breed fetchs a nice penny both parents are pure breeds. its been 4 days now and puppy is obviously eating well and gaining weight. i have never been through a dog birth only cats. i assure you this won't happen again! i have pictures i will post as soon as i can.


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ahhh... poor Gypsy... lol... I can't wait to see some pics as well... that was a cute story... lol... still chuckling

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