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update on puppy



hello again, its time i updated about our new addition to the household. just let me start off my saying she is adorable, we have decided on mya, as her name. she is 3weeks old now. eyes open, walking around and loves to lick your face. she looks more like daddy everyday and daddy is goo-goo over her, he licks her face when he gets to see her and listens for her crys when mama is out of the box. he goes to check on her, then wherever mama is she comes flying out to check on her daughter, she chases the cats away if they show any sign of going into our bedroom. she does not tolerate the big dog at all and chases him off too. shes very protective and feeds her baby well. it now takes 2 hands to handle her without fear of dropping her. my hubby brings her to me several times a day so i can love and cuddle with her. she falls asleep on my chest and mama is right here with us. she has brought me so much happiness and joy along with her mother. she will remain with us as you probably figured out by now, i couldn't part with her even if i tried. my grandsons evan and jake are doing great also.too bad we don't live closer to them, mya would make a great dog for the boys. our weather here had turned cold for a few days and now its warming up again. we don't turn our clocks back tomorrow, so i will have to get used to the times again so i don't miss chat's. for some reason it always confuses me. brain damage, i bet,LOL. i wish everyone a great halloween and enjoy the ghosts and goblins knocking on your door. they are to cute. if you live somewhere where you you get snow, please be careful out there, stay safe, warm and flu free. adios, til i blog again.

yes to those that will ask i plan on getting the pictures posted but i have to figure it all out still. this is high tech stuff to me. i promise i will, honest!!! :D


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ahhh.. can't wait to see some pics.


Mya sounds darling and loving. Enjoy the love of all your fur babies. I understand how much these critters mean, we have a few of our own and some days I just don't know what I would ever do without them. My little girl is curled up on my lap napping as we "speak" lol. The little boy is upstairs in bed cuddling Dave.


Hugs Anne

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Hi Kimmie,


aren't puppies the greatest thing? one of life's blessings.

enjoyed reading your entry...could sense the joy coming through. sounds as though

the little critters are giving a lot to your family....good stuff.



Brian :D

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your happiness shines through this blog & you are making me give in to kido's demand of getting puppy. enjoy your fur babies can't wait to see pictures of Mya.




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Glad you've found Mya to be a blessing in disguise.

The clock thing always threw me, even prestroke. Think I was always brain damaged. Who knows maybe someday we'll come to find out this really straightened us out. :dunno:

Nah just made it worse.

Maria :friends:

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Kimmie: They have always said, The best things come in small packages..... but in that small package i.e.mya is tons of love..... and in time that love grows.....

I am so happy you have her. I can feel your joy just by reading your entry.

Can't wait to see the pics.


Keep those updates coming.

Give her a hug and kiss from her Auntie Jan.

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