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Dr Phil's shows for this week



My doctors are asking me to be more positive in my thoughts and attitude about life no matter my physical condition my body is undergoing in my recovery. They recommend positive shows, advise, and all true experiences I can tune in to and see what many other people are coping with in their lives.


Dr Phil's shows this week does just that, so I am posting the schedule here just to remind anyone who care to tune in if you got nothing better to do on these days or if you may be bored of the same old stuff and no positive outlook ahead.





October 19 - October 23, 2009



The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Speaks Out

Since returning to the Dr. Phil set, Katherine's troubles with the law and boyfriend, Sean, have taken center stage. Now, for the first time in five years, Alexandra is back and talking about the dramatic turns her life has taken. Get an inside look into her troubled world. You won't want to miss the shocking statements she makes about her sister and mother. Next, Marty, Erin's husband and father of Alexandra and Katherine, sits down with Dr. Phil. Hear his candid thoughts about his daughters' current predicaments. Then, Katherine shares her update. Find out if she's still dating Sean and what she has planned for the future. And, Alexandra makes an emotional plea to her sister. Is Katherine moved by the tears? Plus, find out what makes Erin break down.





The Wesson Family Massacre

When you see survivors of horrifying abuse, such as Jaycee Lee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart, you may wonder, how do they overcome something like that? Dr. Phil reintroduces you to members of the Wesson family, who are a few years into the process of surviving a horrendous family history that culminated with a tragic mass murder in 2004. Marcus Wesson was convicted of killing nine children, including some he fathered with his daughters and nieces. Moved by the family's extraordinary story, Dr. Phil wants to make sure the Wesson survivors do not slip through the cracks again. Watch the two-part series that unites a family in a journey of healing. It's a lesson in compassion, survival and recovery that just may change your life.




The Wesson Family Massacre, Part 2

Dr. Phil continues his two-part series with the Wesson family, survivors of what was dubbed the worst crime in Fresno's history, when Marcus Wesson killed nine children, including some he fathered with his daughters and nieces. Soon after his arrest, sordid stories of incest, abuse and brainwashing surfaced. Dr. Phil unites some of the Wesson women with three of Wesson's sons, who were also horrifically traumatized by their father. How can these extraordinary people overcome one of the most tragic family horror stories in decades? And what happens to them when the headlines go away? Don't miss this moving example of courage in the face of the unthinkable, and learn how to survive crisis and trauma in your life.




The 237 Reasons Why Women Have Sex

"I wanted to make someone jealous." "I was bored." "I wanted to feel closer to God." These are just a few of the 237 reasons why women say they have sex. In her new book, Why Women Have Sex, Dr. Cindy Meston lists the good, bad, silly and shocking reasons that women do the deed. She and Dr. Jennifer Berman, a sexual health expert, join Dr. Phil to talk about women and sex, and offer advice to couples with differing libidos. To get an idea of how women feel about having sex, Dr. Phil sends comedienne Kathleen Madigan to talk to women on the street. You may be surprised by the reasons some women get intimate. Next, meet Maribel and Jeff. Maribel says the number one reason she has sex is because she likes it. She's gone to great lengths, from dressing sexy to undergoing surgery, to engage her husband, but he's just not interested. Jeff says he resists because he's worried he may be at risk for another heart attack. But is there another reason why he refuses to make love to his wife? Then, Deanna says she only wants sex one way, but her husband Robert complains he's bored with the routine. What do they need to do to come together in the bedroom? And find out the top five reasons women have sex and how they compare to men's reasons.




What No One Wants to Admit

How do you really feel about the black person who is standing next to you on the elevator? What really goes through your mind when you pass an Asian person in the grocery store? Dr. Phil tackles hidden racial biases, and he has help from a panel of experts: comedians Paul Mooney, Kate Rigg and Manny Maldonado, civil and family attorney Areva Martin, USC professor of sociology Amon Emeka and radio host Michael Graham. The group busts racial stereotypes at their core and addresses the subtle attacks many feel have been launched against President Obama. Don't miss this no-holds barred discussion!


Now Thursday's show is sure to catch the attention of many women and men too. You know how the world view SEX? No matter the struggles in our lives there is a positive attitude we can get to help us through life. Everything is not sad, only if we can't let go!


If you tune in I'd like to know if you feel a show helped you with your positive thoughts??? This is part of my therapy in how other people relate in any given situation and how it affects them. You all know how we felt after having our strokes but we are not alone in the fight for a better attitude.








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I'm going to suggest you watch less daytime TV. The synopsis of the shows are depressing to me. :lol: Go outside and putter in your garden. Play some lively music. Anything but Dr. Phil - please. Get out your scooter and go for a ride around the neighborhood.



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You know VI, the doctors seeing me now talk and sound so much like Dr Phil, I guess as psychologist and being positive in what you can do by just believing in yourself with a positive approach. They mention him all the time on how he deals with people's attitudes in life no matter the situation. I hadn't watched much until I started this treatment from them.


My evaluation is due in two more weeks!!

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