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A praise and prayer service for our troops!



As many of you know this has been a sad week for all of us here in Fort Hood, and Killeen, Texas. So many of us are retired veterans and a great number of active duty military and their families as well.


I just want to say a word about our church services this morning as we have many military members, active duty and retired. One female stood and gave testimony how she got out of a window that probably saved her life and a couple soldiers right behind her. Still others were wounded trying to help their fellow man still inside the room of terror with the gunman who happen to be one of their own.


So our services were dedicated to the troops and how we as people can trust God our LORD to provide and not worry. He sees farther down the road than we can or will ever see. What causes us to worry is not knowing the LORD well enough. It made sense cause no one is forced to love or even have faith and worship God. He doesn't force a soul to choose him but when they do, a better life prevails.


People will be people and choose as they please how they want their lives to go right or wrong. Not every soul will chose him and not every soul will deny him. Conversely, when things happen as it did on Thursday and lives are lost it has sufficient reasons that God allows to happen to open the eyes of many so that our lives will be better down the road.


We've had wars for years and lost of lives. We've had acts of nature as we call them, that claimed thousand of lives for centuries. We will overcome this tragedy but down the road are many more to come that will claim lives and property. As we morn the loss of lives this day let us not forget God is in charge. He knows and we know not. Some believe not, some will deny God thinking the lives they lead today will will still get them into eternity, yet they don't believe in God.


So prayer and praise was the order of this service which I feel helped to heal hearts, believers and perhaps some that doesn't fully devote themselves as believers in spiritual faith. For some if they can't see it they can't believe in it but we came together this morning to give thanks to our Father in Heaven that a few lost lives, some wounded, yet others are here this day to speak of their ordeal with life and death.


It made me take a different look at how we feel about life as we know it and not giving God the glory on this earth he created and for humans he created as well to live upon the earth. Tomorrow is not promised and a train is coming, we just need to insure we get on board.


I thank all of you here for your thoughts and prayers and we prayed for any and ALL loved ones in harms way and that God knows the way to bring these wars to their ends.


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Fred, we are such little insignificant dots in a HUGE universe that it surprises me that we think we can do so much. I guess it takes a great God to look after all of us errant children. We too mentioned your folk there in our prayers in church on Sunday.


What a strain going off to war puts on every nation. It may be "over there" but the soldiers come back home and bring their woundedness and troubled hearts with them. Got a friend going through some Post Traumatic Stress right now so know how that comes on so unexpectedly.


Keep up the prayers for those you know and see in your streets day by day. Reach out the hand of friendship, give them a smile, do whatever you can to make life easier for them.



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