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Had a bad migrain yesterday



:( Had the aura and nausa with it. My dinner didnt sit in my stomach for long. At least my dr gave me meds for the upset stomach, but man did I end up with a killer headache. I hate migrains. I knew I was going to get the dang thing when I got the aura, so I took a pain pill and i took the nausa pill, but shortly after I layed down I got sick to my stomach all over my bed. had no time to make it to the bath room. On a really bad note my cousins girlfriend past away yesterday. I am worried about her, as is the whole family, I hope she will be ok. We use to be really close when we were growing up. I hope and pray she is ok, she live in another state.


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Actually, it was my cousins wife that past away. I didnt know that they had gotten married. I am keeping in touch with her to make sure she is doing ok, as is the rest of the family.

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