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waiting for next date with my son



A couple of months ago I had my first meeting in 4 years with my youngest son Dan. It went very well and I was so happy to see him again. It broke the ice but all isnt as it was before the family feud. So its baby steps for now. I phoned him a few times to see how things were going with him. We talked bout doing lunch again in the near future. Friday October 16th we were to meet for lunch again. I had an eye appointment near where he lives and I called him and suggested lunch. He agreed and I was looking forward to seeing him again. I was to call him after my appointment and we would meet at the restaurant but when I called he sounded like he had a bad cold and he asked if I wouldnt mind putting it off for another time. Of course I agreed, he was sick, though I was so disappointed I cried. I called him a few days ago to see how he felt and he was much better, I had been afraid he had caught that swine flu because he meets a lot of people in his job as a real-estate agent. We talked about meeting again though no date was chosen for this lunch. I asked him if he would mind if Andre came with me as this was always my plan to be a family again including Andre. My son reminded me that things were not as they were before yet though we were talking more often and we were getting there. Baby steps he told me. He wasnt ready yet to see Andre again but he didnt close that door completely, he did say maybe some day. So as he is very busy with work and organizing his life as a bachelor again (since his g/f left) I am waiting for him to call me to set up another date. I really hope he doesnt wait too long because it would mean breaking the ice again. I hate these baby steps, I want to run.


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I know you want to run before crawling. but you are getting there patience is a key here. I am so happy that he might want to meet Andre in near future. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.




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I know how difficult family situations can be. I pray that things will work out. But, yes at least the door is open. Be patient one day that family will become a reality again. But, it will be a new and different family than before.




I so often wish that William and my son got along. But, William is just not an easy person to get along with. My son is willing but William sometimes is and sometimes isn't. After the stroke it is more not willing on his part.

I just pray.

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mc, i agree with the others, go slow, i know you are anxious, but you need to do as your son says "baby steps", rome wasn't built in a day as they say. when our kids grow up and start living their own lives, they are in control of what they will and want to do. i think when the time is right, things will come together again. just have patience.

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