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Top 10 best things about husband in ICU...



(Originally posted February 16, 2009)


1. Husband in ICU diet is very effective. I think I've eaten 500 calories today.

2. Free plumbing advice received in ICU waiting room.

3. Have been offered cash more times than I can count today. And am not in revealing top.

4. Thrill of accomplishment from learning how to work hospital sink faucets, which were apparently designed by NASA...

5. Husband's chuckle now very gravelly and cute.

6. Know exactly where husband socks are--none in middle of floor.

7. Entire ICU waiting room bonding over rightness of bashing Octo-Mom.

8. Doctors calling "Mrs. Robertson" lead to fun game of figuring out whether looking for mother-in-law or self.

9. Parking at main entrance/walking to ICU is efficient way of getting in cardio power walk.

10. It's only temporary.


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