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Quick morning update



(Originally posted February 17, 2009)


Of course the water heater pilot light chose this morning to go out. And I have no idea how to light it, since J.J. always did all of this sort of stuff around the house. Since it didn't seem like a good idea to tackle this on so little sleep, it's still unlit. So following my bracing morning shower (which wasn't too terrible and which I got through--kind of metaphoric for the last few days, actually!) I'm back at the hospital. We have the same awesome nurse again today that we had from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. yesterday. Emilee rocks!


I also found a bank of computers for use by family/friends of patients. This will be so much easier than what I thought I'd be doing, which is updating from my phone. My pointer-finger-texting-typing skills are pretty dope, but this will be significantly faster.


Anyway, J.J.'s movement is getting better. His left side doesn't seem to be impacted at all now and the right is coming along. He's able to pick his heel up off the bed and move his knee up and down. The right arm, which he's been moving fairly well, doesn't seem to be as much of a chore. He also asked me, "What's wrong?" when I walked in, adding two more words to the list of things he can say. I feel like a new mother--"Did you hear that? He's up to fifteen words now!!!"


He did have a nosebleed last night--thank you, heparin drip. His bed looks like he's been performing ritual sacrifice. While he's getting cleaned up, I thought I'd update y'all. Plus I think he was tired of listening to me tell him that his ponytail (which Emilee put right on top of his skull) makes him look like a Skipper doll. Hey, maybe if I'm truly annoying, he'll tell me to shut up and add more words to his list. There is a method to my maddness.


We're both kinda bored and looking for anything to break the monotony. Feel free to call, email, text or stop by. Maybe if we throw a big ol' party in J.J.'s room, they'll throw us out of the ICU.


Our J.J. will be back to us soon. Keep the faith, y'all.



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