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J.J. in da house!



(Originally posted February 18, 2009)


I'm just short of doing cartwheels down the hall--yahoo!


When I walked into J.J.'s room a little while ago, he was laying down. I said, "Babe, you awake?" and he pulled himself up onto the side of the bed. From there, he stood up at the side of the bed! I asked him if he had been helped up by a therapist or if anyone knew he could do this, and he shook his head no. Apparently he just decided he's been taking this laying down long enough.


After I made him sit back down, I apologized to him for being later getting here today than I had told him I would be when I left last night (I did unearth the house-pride and was cleaning a little so the garbage disposal can be installed). He said, "No, no, that's okay" just as clearly as he would have on Sunday morning.


His blood pressure is also down considerably. His most recent reading was 146/90. Since the blood pressure was the only thing keeping us in the ICU, I think we'll be moving on up today to medical.


He's working with the speech therapist right now. It seems that part of his problem may be due to the fact that he's lost a little bit of the fine muscle control of his tongue and the muscles around his mouth. So this can be a focus for rehab.


Physical therapy is also waiting in the wings to work with him (they're lurking outside the door waiting for his speech therapist to leave).


I'm so glad to be able to make a really positive post for a change!


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