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End of day wrap up



(Originally posted February 20, 2009)


Okay, so J.J. will be moving to the rehab place sometime tomorrow afternoon (RHI will be ready for him anytime after 3:00 p.m.). I've spent most of the evening running around getting stuff together to pack him for rehab--I swear I look like I'm getting a kid ready for summer camp. I also have finally hit the wall in terms of my energy level. I realized shortly after I left the hospital that I forgot to help J.J. order breakfast for tomorrow, and I won't be there until 12:00 or so (I just called and talked to the unit secretary, so we should be covered). And as soon as I got home from Walmart, I realized I left a case of soda under the cart. I can't muster the requisite level of caring to call on this. It's worth the $6.50 not to mess with it in my book.


My sister came up to Plainfield this evening and met me for dinner. This is the first real meal I've eaten since...well, since dinner Sunday night. Katie has a dry, sarcastic wit that is unparelleled, especially when you are seriously on the edge due to lack of sleep anyway. It was nice to get my mind off things for a while.


J.J. is doing better again today, although he was really wiped out by the time I saw him this afternoon. Physical therapy had him up and walking on his walker for much of the afternoon. He is having some problems with it because he has a little bit of contracture at the back of his right heel that's making it hard to put his foot flat on the floor. His right arm control is getting way better. Lifting it over his head is effortless again. His speech is getting better as well. We even worked on some of his speech exercises while I was there tonight. He did better for me than he ever has for the therapists. Some might argue that this is because more time has passed, but I choose to think of it as love making all the difference.


Going back to work today was really odd. On the one hand, it feels really weird to get back to a world that has kept moving without us. But, I felt more in control during those four hours than I have anywhere else all week. I am also strangely proud to say that I haven't cried today. I'm not sure if this is a good sign (I feel kind of emotionally blunted and numb, which can't be good either) but it has been easier on my makeup.


I'm off to clean the master bedroom tonight (I'm breaking everything up into zones and doing a little every night). I'm debating whether or not to change my sheets. I changed them last on Saturday, which means they are really due, since I'm a stickler about my bedding being really clean. But if I change them, J.J. won't have slept with me on the new sheets.


I'll let you know what I decide.


Oh, one more major item--in no more than 36 hours (and maybe less if J.J. is moved early enough tomorrow), my babies will be home. I've missed them like crazy. And yes, we'll be visiting their dad in his new digs on Sunday afternoon.


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