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No move today



(Originally posted February 21, 2009)


J.J.'s right foot is bothering him, so he's going to have an x-ray and an ultrasound this afternoon. Dr. Acula thinks it's either a stress fracture or cellulitis. Either way, they'll treat him before they street him. They also have scheduled J.J. to have a sleep study tomorrow night (good luck with that--he's not really sleeping much at all) so it'll be Monday before he's moved.


He's in pretty good spirits today and the language is coming better and better all the time. His right hand control is almost fully back and his strength is getting much better as well. At this point, if they don't hurry it on up, we may not even need that rehab.


I'm at home now since J.J. was going to be down in radiology for a while. I'm going to examine the inside of my eyelids for a while before going back to see what Dr. Acula has to say. As soon as I know more you will too.


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