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My husband is NOT in the hospital!



(Originally posted February 23, 2009)


I had a whole post typed out and Blogger ate it. Darn it. Oh well...


Anyway, I know it's still a medical facility, but having J.J. in rehab feels like we've taken a giant step toward getting him well. He came in around 1:30 and has been working on getting settled in. He was able to walk from the gurney to his bed; no limp, nothing. He's getting some real street clothes on for the first time and having his therapy assessments this afternoon. And he looks awesome. I'm afraid the sweats I bought for him to wear while he's in rehab will be too big, though--he's lost a little over 30 lbs. this week, between several days of NPO and the Lasix.


He does have a roommate, a 77 year old man recovering from a stroke and quadruple heart bypass. He seems like a nice guy--we visited for a while before J.J. got to rehab. He said he enjoys having kids around, so hopefully we won't drive him crazy.


Plumber just got to the house. We'll see what we can find out about this water heater, then I'm going to pick up the kids and get them over to see their dad. Then Leah's first swimming lesson is tonight--it's going to be a busy day!


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