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(Originally posted February 23, 2009)


I just finished filling out J.J.'s Short Term Disability paperwork. All over it are questions regarding J.J.'s expected return to work date. All I'm thinking is, hey, paperwork, nobody wants to know when things will be back to normal around here more than I do. But anyway, it's all very real now.


I also received the first claim paperwork from our insurance company today. So far nothing is wrong but I have faith in Anthem that something will be screwed up soon that I will get to figure out.


I can't believe that nine days ago I had no clue any of this would be happening. If I had known, I would have spent the whole day last Sunday kissing that man while he could still really kiss me back.


He's got to recover. He just has to. Twelve years of the life we built together just isn't enough.


The kids are in bed. I still owe INHP another two hours of work. Nothing says I have to be dry-eyed while doing it though, right?


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